Planning Law and VCAT

The essential components of planning law, and its application in VCAT.

Existing Use Rights—When, How and How Much

Develop your knowledge of the history, context and application of these rights—and how they are established, protected, regulated and lost.

Across the detail.
Know the nature and scope of use rights.

Deeper understanding.
Regulatory mechanisms and their use.

Next level skills.
Hone capacity to deal with these rights.

Did you order the code red? Cross examining witnesses

Learn the rules of cross-examination and how to prepare to be cross examined.

Better survive VCAT.
Attend VCAT with more confidence.

Industry Experts.
Guidance from experts in cross examination.

Next level skills.
Expand your cross examinations skills.

Section 173 Agreements - when, why and how

Develop an understanding of the principles of drafting and interpreting Section 173 Agreements.

Across the detail.
Know when and how to use Section 173 Agreements.

Deeper understanding.
Understand the limitations of Section 173 agreements.

Confidence boost.
Elevate interpretation confidence.

Drafting for VCAT

Learn how to write an effective VCAT submission and understand the risks involved at each phase of a proceeding.

Better survive VCAT.
Attend VCAT with more confidence and get better results.

Deeper understanding.
Understand the risks.

Next level skills.
Learn to write an effective VCAT submission.

Restrictive Covenants - their meaning, effect and removal

Develop your knowledge of restrictive covenants including their interpretation, removal and modification.

Take the complexity out of restrictive covenants.

Across the detail.
Know the nature and scope of restrictive covenants.

Next level skills.
Hone capacity to deal with these covenants.

The Basic Principles of Drafting and Interpretation

Learn the principles of interpretation and improve your drafting skills.

Confidence boost.
Boost interpretation confidence.

Deeper understanding.
Understand the established legal principles for drafting and interpretation.

Next level skills.
Improve drafting skills.

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