Natural Environment

Better understand environmental regulatory systems within and outside the planning scheme—including the role of Victorian Planning Provisions at all levels.

Environmental Foundations: Foundations of bushfire and native vegetation

Develop a fundamental understanding of Bushfire and Native Vegetation for planners and referral authorities.

Better manage complexity.
To achieve low levels of bushfire risk.

Better assess risk.
When and how to consider bushfire risk.

Better apply guidelines
Know how to 'avoid, minimise and offset'.

Climate Change

A collaboration between ADDO and the Centre for Policy Development—aimed at improving climate-related knowledge, networks and actions.

Face the future.
Understand crucial planning challenges.

Develop networks.
Share knowledge and access support.

Better participate and guide.
In your local and municipal responses.

Assessing Renewable Energy Proposals

Understand how to appropriately assess applications for wind and solar energy facilities, including battery storage.

Ahead of the game.
Stay out front of new trends.

Effective decisions.
Build confidence assessing permits.

Deeper understanding.
Understand assessment pathways and application requirements.

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