At ADDO, we design and deliver training programs that offer unique learning experiences to professionals working within the property industry. In particular, our programs focus on knowledge and skill development in relation to the Victorian town planning sector.

The courses are designed primarily for small groups of up to 30 participants. They aim to facilitate interactivity in a relaxed, productive environment. Each session incorporates a range of learning methods, including group-based exercises and case-study analysis. Discussion, questions and peer-to-peer learning are part of the process, and strongly encouraged.  We provide workbooks, containing all handouts and case notes discussed. Participants come away from each session with increased confidence and a more complete  understanding of industry practice, as well as strengthened contacts with peers.

In addition to the development of our own adaptive and creative training programs, the team at ADDO create client-specific courses, tailored to the meet the needs and develop the strengths of a broad range of individuals, companies, organisations and institutions. ADDO comes to its clients - offering programs at your premises, or at an alternative venue of your choice.


John Glossop was contacted by a State Government department, which had developed a new set of planning controls affecting native vegetation. The department planned to roll out a state-wide training program, initially for local governments, outlining the use of the new controls. John worked with the client to finalise the course content, and subsequently conducted the training in partnership with another trainer, in various locations throughout Victoria.

Following this initial round of training, the successful course was included in the PLANET program (a program managed by the then Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure).


John Glossop was approached by a metropolitan council that required a training program for its planning and engineering staff on the subdivision process. Through consultation with the client, John developed a location-specific course. Multiple training sessions were delivered to the council staff on-site, in partnership with a licensed land surveyor.