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Cecilia Glossop has long been involved in care and advocacy for people with disabilities - in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and, more recently, in Cambodia.

In late 2013, during a visit to Siem Reap, the Glossops encountered Bridget Cordory, who is the director and founder of 'Grace House', an independent charity established to provide support to Cambodians in need. Among its many varied services, Grace House runs a day program for children with disabilities. 
When Cecilia met Bridget, the charity was also undertaking the construction of a group home, to provide respite care for children with disabilities who are either orphaned or not being adequately provided for in their communities. 'Preakhoun House' was initially being built for a nine-year-old girl named Srey Roth (name has been changed for child protection reasons), who has cerebral palsy, and who was suffering from malnutrition and neglect while living in a local orphanage.

Gracehouse cambodia

Cecilia became involved with Grace House, and the establishment of its group home. She has revisited Siem Reap on numerous occasions to assist with the training of staff and the development of educational, emotional and social support programs for the children of Preakhoun House. Cecilia has watched the transformation of Srey Roth, and she has bright hopes for the prospects of other children who will thrive in the care of Grace House.

The challenge for Grace House will be to continually raise the funds required to run the home - a cost in excess of $15,000 annually. One great initiative is the 'Sponsor A Bed' campaign, which ADDO invites those in our network to consider. For $200 a month, you can sponsor one of six beds in Preakhoun House. ADDO has sponsored a bed on a yearly basis! Each bed is named after a flower - ours is the Lotus.

They are currently raising funds to relocate the day centre classroom for the children who attend for educational, social and emotional support on a day to day basis.  They also need funds to purchase transport so that children can attend the centre - many parents and families do not have access to transport or the funds to pay for it.

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