ADDO is a forward-thinking company that offers innovative training programs to a broad network of professionals in the planning and development industry. ADDO's programs support and connect town planners, local and state government planners, architects, designers, property developers and investors. They foster innovation, networks and understanding. They connect research with practice, and put groundbreaking ideas into practice.

ADDO takes its name from a Latin term, which can be interpreted variously to mean 'to add', 'to teach', 'to join', 'to give' and 'to inspire'. The company is led by John Glossop, and informed by a wealth of experience in planning and consulting. John and his team are developing a range of creative and adaptive training modules, suitable for both groups and individuals in the government and private sectors. ADDO provides a rigorous and exciting learning environment. ADDO is independent, and dedicated to providing an exceptional service. ADDO believes in knowledge connecting professionals.

The team

John Glossop – Director

John is the company's primary trainer and the man you will meet to discuss your training needs.

John is a qualified town planner, who has more than twenty year's experience as a planning consultant and educator. He has been a lecturer and tutor for a number of Victorian tertiary institutions, including Victoria University, Deakin University and Latrobe University. For the past decade, he has been devising and delivering training programs to industry professionals within organisations that include:

The Department of Planning and Community Development
The Department of Environment and Primary Industries
The Department of Sustainability and Environment
Various Victorian councils
The Municipal Association of Victoria
The Country Fire Authority
Various Victorian water authorities
Victorian Workcover Authority

John's passion for good planning informs and infuses the content of the training modules he develops and fuels his energetic mode of delivery.

Cecilia Glossop – General Manager

Cecilia has overall responsibility for the company's revenue and cost elements. She also oversees the company's marketing and sales functions and day-to-day operations of the business. She brings to her role extensive experience in a range of disciplines, and particular expertise in the development of curriculums, core competencies, and assessment materials.

Cecilia's qualifications include a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment, Project Management and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University.

She has facilitated a range of training programs within the public sector, and played a key role in the conduct of the Planet program courses, developed and run by ADDO.

Cecilia's inimitable organisational skills are instrumental in the structuring of ADDO's clear, engaging and innovative programs.

Matthew Gilbertson – Senior Planner

Matthew is a qualified town planner and experienced trainer. His strong academic record is complemented by diverse experience in the private sector. Matthew is a great communicator. He is able to share ideas clearly and succinctly with a broad audience. His fresh, honest approach, and his hard work and commitment, have seen him emerge as a leader in his field. His contributions to ADDO include the development of content, the presentation of training programs and product research.


Addo works closely with Maddocks Lawyers to prepare and deliver training programs. Addo values its relationship with Maddocks and acknowledges its ongoing contribution to planning training.